What about the weather? (click here for weather report)
Sessions are scheduled according to tide and sunsets times. Open sun beaches are best used one hour prior to sunset. Earlier sessions at a full sun beach will result in excessive squinting. I have identified certain locations that offer some shade. Occasionally, locations have to be changed due to weather conditions. I do not reschedule based on forecasted weather due to inaccuracies on the part of the forecasters. I don't address the weather situation until 1-2 hours prior to a session as the conditions may change. We do the best we can to work with the conditions or reschedule your session. If both parties are unable to reschedule, there will be a full refund of the session fee. Bad weather is not my fault. I wish every day were slightly overcast with barely a breeze. After living on Cape Cod for 30 years, I know that won't always happen!